Podesta backs bid to overturn electoral vote – Or maybe they wouldn’t have. But it’s all over now, Baby Blue. A bad guy wanted Trump to win. There were. What we really need for Christmas from Santa would be a load of happy pills and laughs!!!.

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The Christmas War, Atheists, and Dumb Ass Hypocrites. – The Christmas War, Atheists, and Dumb Ass Hypocrites!. each of their individual versions of what they embrace "Christmas" as being or meaning. They burst at the seems living in a fantasy.

Tet 1968: The Turning Point – Foreign Policy Research Institute – The Tet Offensive of 1968 proved to be the turning point of the Vietnam War and its effects were far-reaching. It changed the entire way that the United States approached the war: before the Tet Offensive the U.S. objective in Vietnam was to win the war; after the Tet Offensive, the U.S. objective shifted toward finding a face-saving way to get out of Vietnam.

Bill O'Reilly Says 'War on Christmas' Has Been Won But. – Bill O’Reilly Says ‘War on Christmas’ Has Been Won But ‘Insurgents Remain’. And I say "yours" with the proviso that it’s a Pagan holiday first and foremost, co-opted by Christianity in its genocidal war against all alternatives to itself. It seems the election of Donald Trump means the renewal of that war.

Why "The War On Christmas" Is An Issue Of Privilege, Not Religion – For some however, it’s beginning to look a lot less like Christmas, and many have now come to fight against what has been known as "The War On Christmas". This war has long been under siege for those against secularization of the holiday, since the 1920’s in fact, when Henry Ford first used the term in anti-Semitic propaganda to alert the masses that Jews around the country were attempting to rid the public of Christmas.

The Country of Texas Some Noticeable Things before Getting a Home Loan A Teacher’s Long Road to Student Loan Forgiveness (and a $4,500 Surprise) – By March, things had taken a turn for. desperately hoping to get the loan forgiveness that the law says they deserve. “Whatever the amount of battle,” he said, “it’s been worth it if some other.Texas State Facts – 50States.com – More wool comes from the state of Texas than any other state in the United States. Edwards Plateau in west central Texas is the top sheep growing area in the country. Texas is the only state to enter the United States by treaty instead of territorial annexation. The state was an independent nation from 1836 to 1845.ethnic million Japan Population 2019 (Demographics, Maps, Graphs) – Japan Demographics. Japan is currently the world’s oldest country, and it’s set to get even older. The number of elderly people aged 65 or older accounts for 26.7 percent of the 127.11 million total population, up 3.7 percentage points from five years ago, a summary report of the 2015 national census shows.

Changing the mood music of politics: Let’s get angry about poverty and refuse to stand by while papers demonise the poor – In Christmas 2015, 26,320 adults and 11,200 children were homeless. disruption and uncertainty that limits their life chances. They could be placed anywhere in their local authority area and moved.

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PW Picks: Books of the Week – They thought they wouldn’t be able to give you the life you. When the body of political aide Sveinung Adeler is removed from an icy Oslo fjord shortly before Christmas, Lena takes charge of the.

Egnorance: Vox Day on the secular war on Christmas – The secular War on Christmas throughout the West presently serves as a lightweight bookend for the religious War on Christians throughout Northern Africa and the Middle East. In the West, the persecution is still petty, tentative, and small-minded, elsewhere, it is purposeful, murderous and systematic.