Observers believed that within a generation Afrikaans would no longer be spoken in the cities and only by the poorly educated classes in the rural areas. Indeed, Pannevis, one of the founders of the Genootskap van Regte Afrikaners, even after the first inspirational meetings of that body, when.

The conflict of interest inherent in unionizing public sector workers should be obvious to concerned citizens whether they are right wing or left wing, conservative or liberal. With police forces, even in a democracy, there are corrupting temptations that come with the immense power they wield, and maintaining civil authority over police forces is, historically, a challenge not to be taken lightly.

In the run-up to the AFL-CIO convention starting on July 25, observers have been avidly speculating about whether the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) or other unions in the Change to Win.

Dr. R. Scott Clark is a professor of theological and church history at Westminster Seminary California and is viewed by many as the standard bearer of Reformed confessionalism. Besides being a recognized opponent of the Federal Vision and New Perspectives theology, Clark is also a devoted follower of the late cornelius van Til, and, not.

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English readers, to whom the forefathers of the Jews of to-day-the patriarchs, heroes, and men of God-are familiar characters, will the better understand the miracle which is exhibited in the history of the Jews during three thousand years.

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This book is the third of the series of Emerald Hills of the Heart: Key Concepts in the Practice of Sufism by M. Fethullah Gülen.

Bank of Amerika Biometrics and cyber matters. unionizing activists, or diversity lawsuits. Hip billionaire corporatism is one of the strangest progressive hypocrisies of our times.. MEdia Dragons are keen observers of leadership and politics in all its drama and absurdity.

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 · Commenting on the well known illustration Van Til used for his students in order to picture his understanding of the Creator/creature distinction where he would draw a large circle above a smaller one connected by two vertical lines, Dr. E. Calvin Beisner observers:

Though brevity proves to be the soul of obscurity, it seems that the one precept about writing that mathematicians take seriously is that brevity is preferable above everything, even comprehensibility.