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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Day traders love making bets on tweets from U.S. President Donald Trump, but some of the most prominent quantitative strategists from hedge funds and banks are not quite ready to.

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Tag: election musings. Posted on November 7, 2016. Jesus wants my vote? Yesterday (Sunday, November 6th) was a beautiful day to be outside in my neighborhood, which probably explains why I missed Mike Huckabee’s call. According to my voice mail, he (or his robo recording) called at 2:34 in the.

A weekly column for the Daily Telegraph on the life of an inmate might not be worth the £275,000 annual stipend he now receives for his musings on the working of. critical of the workings of the EU.

Anyway, below is a bi-wheel of Election day 2020 (november 3) both charts set for Washington DC. Inner chart = 12:00 am est; outer chart = 11:59 pm est so we can view the entire planetary panoply from beginning to end of the 24-hour period:

The Sun in a national chart also represents its leader, or figurehead so this is a very beneficial planetary event for Election Day. We also see Venus making an exact trine to Chiron in the US chart.

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Election Musings. cpph (25) in election 3 years ago Well. Its election day. finally after what feels like an eternity we are finishing the chapter on what really must have been one of the most incredible election campaigns ever. It’s had it all!

apologetically Dumpty For the pols and pundits who bandy the buzzword, it seems to mean (to paraphrase Humpty Dumpty) just what they choose it to. Morris himself declined to discuss his brainchild, saying apologetically.

After the election. its focus on to why Labor is holding on to him. Plus, there is the second leaders’ debate tonight, in Brisbane, capital of the greatest nation on earth. I went home last week.

Ross Kagawa is the Dickie Chang of 2012’s election.he is no different than Dickie, a true Moke that can’t speak to save his ass! Look at the forum and listen to the way he speaks, it’s embarrassing.