The Fuzz Face is a distortion guitar pedal designed in London by Arbitrer Electronics Ltd in the autumn of 1966. The fuzz face design was inspired in other contemporary fuzz pedals like the Maestro Fuzz Tone (designed by Glen Snotty) and the Sola Sound ToneBender (designed by Gary Hurst) although.

ALM / Busy Circuits is a UK based audio electronics company producing original, useful and fun devices for the creation, manipulation and control of sound. We focus primarily on the eurorack modular synthesizer format. To keep updated, please follow us on Twitter and Instagram and visit our Vimeo.

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5 Free Paper Circuit Templates – Paper circuits are great makerspace projects for. In this example, make sure the battery (-) is facing down on the copper.

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Combination circuits can look confusing at first. As long as you remember the rules of series and parallel circuits, you’ll be fine. When you are first faced with a series/ parallel combination circuit they seem almost down right impossible to solve to begin with.

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ALL Circuits provides design services in four main areas, each ready to adapt to the customer’s needs, from software development to hardware development, to mechanical design and onto human machine interface and DFX (design for excellence). Delivering ALL technologies and ALL volumes to ALL.