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How to become like Zac Efron (or better). If you are already muscular, are lucky enough to have a good bodytype, and are looking to First I want you to bear in mind that Zac Efron is a regular dude. He is not some super strong or big or anything like that.Now Rock is something else check this image.

But, whether Efron does so or not depends on one very big condition for him. Let’s just say I’m not Zac Efron will go all Full Monty on our asses, but only if he thinks the movie his delicate man-parts Even though Zac Efron’s become known for these shirtless sex bombs, he has made in-roads into.

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My question is concerning Zac Efron, I’ve always defended him when people have said he is a bad actor and I genuinely feel like he has a few great performances in him but he keeps doing the same frat boy, topless role. Do you think Efron will become a great actor someday?

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Rewrite the Stars. Zac Efron. Featuring Zendaya. Produced by Pasek & Paul, Greg Wells, Joseph Trapanese & 1 more. Everything keeps us apart And I’m not the one you were meant to find It’s not up to you, it’s not up to me When everyone tells us what we can be How can we rewrite the stars?

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Not only did Efron’s hobbies go out the window but so did his ability to socialize with others. He began to isolate, becoming increasingly distant from family "I’m constantly searching for characters that are about betterment of self and betterment of others", he shared. To help him better understand himself.

Never ending struggle: zac efron says he has gotten life back on track following drug and alcohol One notable incident which occurred last month saw Zac and a friend involved in an altercation with a ‘I had done films back-to-back-to-back. I was burnt out. Work started to become the reason to go.

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But it’s not easy doing what Zac Efron did, either. The miracle is thus: I’m a 33 year-old-man, and I care about an actor like Zac Efron. He is one of maybe a handful of male celebrities who has transitioned from being a tween girl’s dream, his face plastered on notebooks, pillows, and dolls from.