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Last year, the government carried out a major shake-up of the agencies responsible for the fight against corruption. There is outpouring of anger over the fact that the government is unable to.

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Kamala Harris has spent her entire life defending our American values. From fighting to fix our broken criminal justice system to taking on the Wall Street Banks for middle-class homeowners, Kamala has always worked For The People.

London bus workers strike over another pay freeze At least 2,000 bus drivers from nine garages. Lecturers at the Dar es Salaam campus of kampala international university went on strike against the.

That the case of Picfare industries Ltd Vs Attorney General &Anor M.C No. 258/ 2013, cited by Counsel for the Respondent is distinguishable in that it did not concern enforcement of Human Rights under the Constitution but was about compelling the Attorney General to pay a decretal sum that arose from a Judgment and Court should find the facts.

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by ben simon ben simon – Mon Feb 8, 12:23 pm ET KAMPALA (AFP) – A US decision to freeze spending on treatment for HIV in several African countries has prompted concern that some of the gains made against the AIDS epidemic since 2003 could be reversed.

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The growth of fish stocks is largely attributed to increased enforcement on the water bodies. Four fish have been reopened as fish exports grow from $115m (sh428b) in 2016 to $145m (sh540b).

governance and development of the Community but for sure east Africans have plenty of reasons’ to cooperate and treat each other in a right way. Given that there is room for the possibility of virtue ethics’ being reconcilable with the other

mathematician formations: arced tablets The Most Important Inventions of the Sumerian Civilization – The Most Important Inventions of the Sumerian Civilization From writing to a system of time and mathematics, the world owes a lot to the numerous discoveries made by the ancient Sumerians. In this article, we shall study the various important inventions and achievements of the Sumerian civilization.

It seems as if promoting immorality around the world has become official US government policy AFRICANGLOBE – The constant Western attacks against Uganda and President Yoweri Museveni for exercising its democratic and sovereign rights took a new twist last week, when US embassy officials in Kampala.

Asexual worms were fed freeze-dried chicken liver homogenates that were either supplemented with serotonin hydrochloride (H9523-25MG, Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, MO, USA) for the treatment groups or not.